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About Us

AdGranted was founded in January 2019 by two dedicated multilingual multimedia Googlenauts with a professional background in tourism, sales, translation and digital consulting as well as a distinct passion for Google Ads and Ad Grants.

During our years of work for both SMBs and LCS businesses, we have come to find that marketing and sales only make sense to us if we can fully stand behind our clients' products and services, i.e. trust them. Fueled by a particularly strong desire to help those who are already actively working on making this world a better place, we realized our inclination toward non-profit organizations, that is organizations we believe in and fully trust.

This key ingredient - Trust - is an inevitable core value of any kind of sustainable, long lasting relationship, business relationships included. It is also the driving force behind the need for continuous development and improvement in the fields of SEO, digital advertisement and growth hacking. If our clients trust us, we know we have done well and this keeps up our good work for the right people and the right cause.

If you add a pinch of spice (Creativity) to the broth (Transparency), you will get a delicious marketing meal (Relevance) to feed your customers - and that is our core value recipe.

The rest boils down to your own core values and goals. Because, "The most powerful element in advertising is the truth", Bill Bernbach once said. We stand behind his words.

Our goal and purpose is to drive your audience to you by planting a network of creative clickseeds and effective search campaigns, funded and supported by the Google Ad Grants programme, which will grow into your future f(ol)lowers, supporters and donors. By incorporating an in-depth analysis of your organization's short-term and long-term wishes and needs into our work we make certain that relevant traffic is driven to your website, thereby improving your fundraising and increasing your brand's awareness. As experts in terms of Google Ads account management & optimization, Analytics, multilingual content creation and social networking (IG, FB), we want to tailor our knowledge and skills to your own digital vision and provide you with an insight into your NPO's future possibilities.

Ad Grants are an NPO's biggest step towards visibility on the web. We want to build your stairs to the top positions on Google's search pages and guide you through the Googleverse.

We are here to get your ads granted!